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Maybe I Should Watch a NEWS Dvd Every Night

Dammit, ESPN, hand over Roddick! Ugh it's already 11 and I'm so sleepy but I want to seeeeeeee. And Rafa and Murry play at like 3:30 am which is also complete fail. WANT. It's totally tempting to call off work and just stay up to see everything. I wish I weren't a responsible person D:

I seriously want to write drunk Christmas party Koyapi, but I just can't quite seem to get going. Where even were they during Christmas? Was that Tokyo Dome? I just watched it so you'd think I'd know, but I didn't retain it. On the other hand, I flailed at the Fukui Sundome because I'VE BEEN THERE. Waah I miss Japan.

But all the NEWS-watching did lead to a dream where I got to make out with Yamapi a little? Mostly it was just cuddling though, what bits of it I remember, and Pi was totally warm and comfortable. This brings my JE dream total up to 2, neither one of which was sadly any higher than PG. Come on, brain!

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