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My Pants, They Are Cranky

Let's just get all the crankypants out of the way at once:

* Marty got snow so she can't come visit * and I got no snow so i had to go back to school * I have a raging sinus headache for the third day in a row for no earthly reason even though I've been taking my allergy medicine like I'm supposed to * i swear to god every single person i know in RL and even most of you have boyfriends and are getting engaged and pregnant and everything else and all I have is the stupid guinea pig who makes me sneeze * it is SO COLD WHAT THE HELL

*deep breath*

On the other hand at least it's Friday and i got paid and it was dress down day so I wore my Miya-Tee. And I have a new episode of Fringe still to watch (although that's really because every single week i fall asleep trying to watch it). And i didn't have to clean my apartment after all.

but I still wish I had a marty D:

ETA: I totally thought this was Yamapi for a second. Poor facial recognition can be fun.

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