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Raise Your Hand If You Are Shocked

I'm still unearthing weird little problems from the update/de-update fiasco of a couple weekends ago. New today: the ipod thinks this is a new computer, so all my music is de-authorized again for the ipod again.

come on, WHAT. it's SO ANNOYING. Do you know how many different computers and emails I've had in the last ten years? just, REALLY. And even after I figured out which half a dozen passwords went with which half a dozen emails, my brother's mp3s are on here too, which he authorized for me, BUT NOW HE IS IN ITALY. So I have like 47 songs, and jesus fucking christ would it kill you to tell me WHICH SONGS, which are unauthorized.

And this is why I don't buy shit from the fucking itunes store unless somebody hands me the free money to do it. I BOUGHT THIS GODDAMNED SHIT ALREADY. So help me god the next person who goes on about digital piracy in front of me is getting punched IN THE FACE.

Also it's deleting and uploading my iPhoto library all over again from scratch which is going to take about a hundred years because apparently we have decided that USB wins over Firewire despite being, oh idk, WAY WAY SLOWER. What the fucking fuck. And I have like 3 GB left on the ipod anyway so I have to buy a new one in the near future and undoubtedly DO THIS ALL AGAIN.

I want my first fucking ipod back with its dock and its firewire and and also WITH ITUNES 3 THAT DIDNT SUCK.

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