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It's actually almost nice out today! If you somehow missed the hints, I've been in moods of various badness for at least a couple days, even though I feel like it's way too early in the winter to start feeling like that. So I've been trying to get outside and at least enjoy the sunshine.

And I told Jemz I'd crochet her something cheerful for her mother, so I'm heading out to the AC Moore to buy yarn, because having an entire rubbermaid thingy full of it obviously isn't enough. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH YARN.

Also helping: D-Motion on endless loop. I think I might take the MS clip of it into Anime Club this week. Anybody have any suggestions for short, preferably subbed, hot and/or funny clips I can take in? I might dig around for some Shokura games or whatnot, but if it involves KAT-TUN so much the better because that's what I introed them to last week. But I might try to dig up the one where Akun gets angry about his pudding. Has that one been subbed?

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