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I Like The Word 'Gubernatorial'

It's snowing! A lot! Yay~

It not only isn't going to get me out of school, but it invoked an incident today which as usual proved to me that I am way, way too smart for my goddamned job where I am routinely treated like crap/a kindergarten student. BUT WHATEVER. It's my own fault for being so change-adverse that things have to be exactly this bad before I even consider hunting around for a different one. not yay.

Also my eyes were itching like crazy this afternoon so I had to take a benadryl, which makes me all sleepy and time-confused. How is it 11pm? I feel like i've simultaneously been sitting on my couch all day and that I just sat down after school. Who needs low-quality drugs, right? I can just take an anti-histamine and be confused and vague and hungry. I'll just pass that on to my one loser friend who still occasionally tries to get me to do pot with them (seriously, are we still in high school?...oh wait, that's right, I am).

But it's snowing! A lot! Yay~

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