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random announcement to all listening

I'm offering apologies to everybody who signed on to read random ficage from me and is puzzled by the utter lack of it this week and the week before.

I'm working on a serious-ish Neville thing that's been taking me a super long time, but I'm hoping it'll be worth it in the end. I hate it right now, which actually is a good sign, because that's how I felt about SYWTTYARB most of the way through, and you all loved that. To give you some sort of reference for how long I've been working on this, i started it back when I still believed in Harry/Ginny, and Hermione/Ron was my OTP.

Also, I'm collaborating to help sociofemme finish up her angry Hermione/Draco (i've got an idea, Femme, it might be done as early as tomorrow). Why does everything I write lately turn into a threesome?

Greek at 8:30 tomorrow. Argh.
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