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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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Also My Mother Thinks Sarah Silverman Plays Ugly Betty

Sorry for the pokespam, it's 1.5x day. Also I've been hanging around in the dragcave shelter trying to catch one of the old V-day dragons now that people can breed theirs this week.

Got the Kisumai concert poster all frammed and on my wall! It does wonders for my decor, lol. Sadly, I had to switch it with a w-inds. poster, so I'm not sure yet what I'll be doing with that one, mostly cause anything I do will involve me moving like every single other poster in my entire apartment.

Maybe I should stop buying posters.

Massurat is still kicking, as much as one can be when one's back feet don't work really, but I'm totally going to have to buy more rat food in a couple days here, and he's going to totally die as soon as I do. sigh. He actually seems more energetic the last few days, which is good for him, I suppose, but it's not like the end isn't near. Maybe he'll at least make it until the ground thaws back out D:

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