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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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If You Loved Me, You'd Clean Out My Guinea Pig

Damn those Valentine's Day dragons at Dragcave! They're all too fast for me...

I had kind of a crummy day and spent most of it biding my time until I could go home, in the hopes that snow will prevent me from having to go back tomorrow. It actually started with me getting a cadbury cream egg from somebody, so it should have been a really good day! only it totally wasn't. But I hid in my room during lunch and afterschool clubs got canceled, so basically I just snuck out of the building as quickly and as soon as I possibly could.

I'm on the last two discs of Millennium and am spending most of it just thinking about how these episodes could be really good if they had tried a little harder. oh well. Fringe and Criminal Minds seasons 1 came in the mail today, good timing, so I can start one of those hopefully tomorrow when I'm lazing about my couch.

I really should have taken out my trash earlier.

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