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This Post Only Has Good Things In It!

*Kyaaaaaaaaa Kozuka! I made it home just in time to be settled in for him, and he's so cute I want to STEAL HIM. He's like Tsuka's adorable, kisumai-rejected little brother. I was totally proud of him and I can't WAIT to see him in the next winter Olympics. I need to figure out a way to keep track of when he, Daisuke, and Oda are skating in televised things that I might watch either on the actual TV or on Keyhole TV or whatever.

*while we're on the topic of that: ガンバッテ、大輔! NBC keeps being like "RUSSIANVSAMERICANOMGGGG...oh yeah and Takahashi" but then showing Kozuka instead of Daisuke. *facepalm* 見せてよ、大輔! きっと勝つ!

*Finished Air Gear! Starting to read it now. I want to say that Ikki and Agito are totally doing it, and somebody needs to cough up some fic about that right the hell now.

*My oldest V-day hatchling looks like a figure skater, LOL. Adopt one today! Johnny Weir wants his costume back~

*Tomorrow is Friday! I am very excited by that. I'm thinking seriously about calling off for tomorrow and staying up until skating is over come hell or high water, but I'll probably just suck it up and go because it's easier, lol.

*Patrick Chan is also adorable, and I want Aim for the Sky!! fic where Marty takes Harada to the olympics and thinks they are going to watch a lot of hockey and somehow he sees way more figure skating than he planned on.

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