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Give James the Helmet, Gotta Protect the Face

on the way out to my truck this morning, I slipped on...nothing? idk, invisible ice, but i came down HARD on my bare knee cause I was in a skirt. So now my knee is all scraped up, and I tweaked my opposite ankle and my wrist as well. ITAI YO.

Our first drama night featuring My Boss, My Hero was postponed so we could watch the first two episodes of Big Time Rush. Lol now i've learned their names and I totally want fic about how Carlos wears the helmet aaaaall the time, if you know what I mean, and how James read on the internet that this is all perfectly natural at their age. And by it, I mean that thing that Kendall and Logan are doing right now~.

I need a BTR icon. also i need a sushi icon? why don't I have one of those?

So apparently clicking fruitlessly on impossible to catch dragcave eggs for a solid week had an unintended side effect: now I'm fast enough to catch novelty eggs out of the gpx shelter. SAY HI TO MY DRACOWHIMSY. also to my 7th effing missingno. go awayyyyy you creepy little man...

ponyta is caught off-guard by voltorb
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