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It Takes Two of Us to Figure Out Which Way the Train Goes

Things I ought to do in the order I ought to probably do them:

put on pants

put away laundry I did LAST weekend

see if my gamestop is handing out Jirachi (i want to also state here that I have an official Mew from an event when I was in like jr high and i'm totally bitter I can't trade it up) and also I might reserve a copy of Gold Done and done! although gamestop employee was moron and told me and a bunch of little kids you had to have a NATIONAL pokedex (ie, beat the game), so I went to the ABC next door and turned on my game and WHAM it was like "please take this Jirachi, take it take it!" I feel bad for those kids, though, and anybody else who wanders in there all day without knowing what they're doing.

get lunch at the ABC (turkey brie sandwich OM NOM NOM) and write something

do the dishes (why am I such a slob)

clean out guinea pig even though it's early because I was sneezing like crazy last night

clear out the backup of need-to-study items on so that I can start adding JLPT 2 terms

Bonus round:

八 listen to both Big Time Rush mp3s about a zillion times turn my world upside down (yes I will, yes I will)

HATCH MALE WALLMER because male skitty apparently = not easy TWO in fact

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