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Who Doesn't Love a Good Flashcard Case

I got paid my first batch of royalties from CreateSpace! I'M A PROFESSIONAL AUTHOR NOW :D a whole $20.40, lol, but still, people paid me to write things! So I feel pretty good about that. So you guys go on buying Chaotic Butterfly and we can make this magic happen again and again.

Also, I get a marksykins tomorrow! You can tell I love her because I cleaned off my table and vacuumed and swiffered things. What I really should have done is go to the store, but I didn't do that! Because I fail.

Speaking of fail, I totally forgot to watch Big Time Rush tonight, despite spending ages trying to talk Beth into watching it. I'll just have to dl it with everybody else this week D:

I compensated by spending a bunch of money on rightstuf's Bandai sale and then buying myself some sexy kanji flashcards. With a sexy flashcard case! I'm totally jazzed.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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