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And I Cannot Text You With a Drink in My Hand

I called off work for the day and slept until noon. Ugh, I needed it so badly. Now I'm sitting on my couch watching Law & Order and eating hummus. I think the guinea pig is pissed I'm invading his private time. I have shepard's pie for later!~ sitting in the fridge for a little while makes it soooo good.

I got my new phone yesterday! It's got a keyboard that slides out, so I'm super excited. I have to make myself some new wallpapers though, since my old phone's screen was smaller and didn't have to flip back and forth between horizontal and vertical. Maybe I'll finally get myself some sexy kisumai ones; right now I've got the yamashita kyoudai up as spring placeholders.

Also I tried to write birthday fic for Tamamori, but I totally failed at it. I've got about 600 words, very few of which I think are genuinely amusing. Hopefully I'll try a little more today, after I clear out my vocabulary backlog on And my flashcard case came in the mail, so I've started carrying around my flashcards for level 2. I haven't DONE much with them yet, but I'm proud I can carry them around, lol.


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