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Good Morning Jack, Harry, Harry, H...uhm....

So i started out with three tetras and a snail. This morning, I have two tetras and a snail. One of the Harrys is missing. Gone. Vanished. No little fish corpse in the bowl, no little fish corpse out of the bowl, nothing but two other Harrys and a snail.

I think Captain Jack Sparrow ate one of the Harrys.

I find there to be no other possible explanation, despite the fact that the petstore guy INSISTED that snails only eat plants.

Granted there are other solutions. Possibly, one of the Harrys inherited an Invisibilty Cloak. Or was sent to live with the Muggles. Or went through a rift into the Nevernever, depending on which Harry it was that did the disappearing.

sociofemme suggests that maybe the third Harry was really Dirty Harry, implying that he was sent to 'sleep with the fishes'. "NO, Ellen!" I snapped. "Then he'd be in the goddamned BOWL, wouldn't he?!"

All right, fess up. Who ate my tetra fish?

UPDATE!Have perused the content of , which informs me of several important things. Firstly, I have a Golden Apple Snail, Also known as a Golden Mystery Snail. They provided this picture:


Then, FAQ section provided the following insight:

Do apple snails eat fish or other creatures?
"Apple snail aren't very selective when it comes to food and some meat is always welcome to them, but healthy fish are simply too fast for an apple snail to capture and to hold. However, if a fish has died the apple snails will certainly consume the remains quickly, sometimes giving the impression that a fish has disappeared or was killed by the snails.
While fish are fast, other snails aren't and it has been described and observed that at least some apple snails predate on other snails. "

I have a PIRATE SNAIL! Another interesting question went as follows:

Are apple snails able reach supersonic speeds?
" In general: NO!
However, Carlos from Spain managed to teach his snail how to drive a car. Now his snail travels at extreme speeds and is able to reach 135 km/h. Unfortunately his last attempt to establish a new record failed on the French high-way as the snail was unable to reach the toll-booth.  "


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