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This Is Literally the Worst Thing You Could Have Done to Me

So i come home as usual, turn on my television to TNT where I plan on watching my hours of law & order as usual, and instead of Jack McCoy's rugged features, I now have a little screen telling me that this channel has just switched to digital.

NOOOOOOOO. *sobs* GIVE ME BACK JACK MCCOY. The hilarity is that the only channel i watch every single day? Is TNT. And every other channel on either side of it for miles and miles is still there for now.

all cards on the table, i'm not even supposed to GET tnt, or anything above the 20s, but the dude who set up my cable did it wrong initially, so i've been paying something reasonable for my cable+internet instead of something completely ridiculous. But because I technically have basic limited whatever, I can't get a digital thingy from Comcast, and so as they switch over a few channels at a time to digital, I'll just lose them.

I even went and looked at what it would cost me to upgrade to the lowest package that would net me TNT, but both it and Nick are lacking from the next level up ($30/month), so i'd have to go up to $60/month. Which, I am so not doing that. If Comcast thinks they are getting $100+ a month from me they are wrong wrong wrong.

FUCK MY LIIIIIFE. Yesterday i was pretty sure I couldn't feel much worse, but the universe wins again.
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