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I Will Even Forgive Nick for the BTR Rerun

I will say this about the universe, it does know when it's gone too far. In case you missed yesterday's meltdown, separating me from Law & Order reruns = too far.

Like I told some of you yesterday, my parents actually ordered an extra digital thinger from comcast just because, even though they didn't even need the first one, so i retrieved it from them and set about moving all my shit around. I really wasn't holding out any hope of it working since it needed activation and it wasn't one that got sent to my account, esp when a screen came up that was like "HAHA YOU FAIL CALL COMCAST, LOSER."

But miraculously it actually worked in the end, and now TNT is restored to me! Thank goodness, because i definitely cannot deal with weeks like this week without Jack McCoy.

Also some crazy shit is going down on dragcave and now all my dragons look retarded. Sprite redraw fail.
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