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Soooooo Tired

Went to lunch with my mother, sister-in-law, and nephew, which was hilarious because the nephew has decided that everything must have ketchup on it. He's 18 months now, and when there's not food yet to put the ketchup on, he must be cuddling the ketchup bottle. After we'd eaten, the little girl at the table next to us had fries with ketchup, and the nephew was pointing angrily at her, all scandalized. LOL.

Anyway, then my mother wanted to look at shoes, which is fine, I got two pairs of rocketdogs and a bunch of socks, but THEN we had to go to Kohls, and THEN we had to stop at the grocery store, and omg it was hours and hours. Now i'm exhausted and have not done laundry or cleaned the guinea pig, and I just want to lie here and do nothing. Ugh I should have just bought more underwear.

maybe i'll just sit here a while about think about doing chores. that's good enough.

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