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Arr, It Be Drivin' Me Nuts

New dragcave eggs! Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Except only one of those are new because I'm almost scroll-locked since Akai Ito decided they were going to breed a bluna egg on accident on the first try.

New Big Time Rush was hilarious as I have come to expect, and looks like Mercedes is going to be a semi-recurring character, which makes me very happy. As does the fact that Carlos and James are dating so ridiculously hard that the show isn't even trying to put in girls for them, despite the fact that there are three recurring girls now. I need to write more fic for them. And it needs to include Mrs. Knight because I love her. and Katie. And Guitar Dude. AND EVERYBODY.

Saw Clash of the Titans this afternoon with my dad and thought that it was decent. Not OMG AMAZING, but I enjoyed it. Also my dad and brother put up my nephews new playset this afternoon. It has a pirate wheel! At lunch, nephew was like tapping the edge of his table with his forefingers, so I was like, what's he doing? and sister-in-law was like "He's imitating [favorite uncle brother] playing drums." LOL.

And now I watch Criminal Minds season 3 until my eyes bleed.
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