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Title: Really Really [Senga/Nikaido]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for fan service.
Summary: For their first tour, Fujigaya has a great idea to win over the crowd, but Nikaido is less than enthusiastic.
AN: This started a few days ago because of a conversation with snowqueenofhoth, about how Nisen were about the only people in the world who are managing to be gayer than Miyatama during cons. Because, man, once they got going...Thanks to timeripple for the onceover.

Really Really

Their first planning meeting for their first tour goes longer than just about any meeting Nikaido has ever been at in his entire life. Nobody minds, though; even though they should have gone home hours ago, the excitement that it's their own concert they're planning hasn't worn off yet. All of them are still calling out songs and ideas as fast as the staff can scribble them down. Once in a while Nikaido sees the staff glancing at their watches, but even they seem unwilling to speak up and end the meeting.

At one point, a staff member near Nikaido mumbles something to his neighbor about his wife, and his neighbor hisses back for him to shut up and think of KAT-TUN. The staff member shuts up, and Nikaido muffles a snicker with a cough.

"I think that's it," Fujigaya says finally, when the torrent of ideas slows to a trickle and Senga is starting to rub his eyes. "Thanks, Staff-san. Um," Fujigaya exchanges a glance with Kitayama who nods, "but there is something we want to say to just the group, so you guys stay."

Tamamori and Nikaido exchange an annoyed look with each other across the conference table as Miyata drops back into his chair with a grunt. Senga looks after the staff packing up their papers with longing eyes. Yokoo ruffles his hair, making Senga's eyes droop even more.

"There is one more thing we haven't talked about yet," Fujigaya continues when the door is shut securely, leaving the seven of them alone.

"Cross-dressing?" Yokoo asks, making Miyata's head snap up and Tamamori sink down a little in his chair.

"We've talked about cross-dressing three times," Nikaido snaps, trying to look anywhere but at Miyata's dreamy expression. "Geez, Watta, what is it with you and the skirts."

"Fan service," Fujigaya interrupts them, and suddenly everybody stops bickering. Beside him, Kitayama still hasn't said anything, but his expression says they aren't kidding.

"Eh?" Miyata asks. "Don't we do that already?" He sneaks a sideways glance at Tamamori, who is already blushing. "A lot?"

"Not the random kind," Fujigaya explains further. "If we're going to have whole concerts, if we're going to really get this thing moving…we need a fan service couple. One the fans can count on and get behind."

"Ooh," Senga breathes, eyes widening, as if he totally understands.

"What." Nikaido doesn't try at all to keep the derision out of his voice.

"Arashi has Ohmiya," Yokoo says thoughtfully, like it makes perfect sense to him too. "NEWS has Koyashige and Tegomass."

"And KAT-TUN has…" Senga starts, and then pauses before deciding, "they have Pin!"

Nikaido rolls his eyes. "First of all…"

"A.B.C.-Z even has Tottsu/Hasshi," Miyata says sadly, making Kitayama frown. "We're definitely losing to them."

"We are not losing to them," Fujigaya says crisply, "because we're getting a fan service couple right now."

"I really think the regular kind has been fine so far, and we totally don't need…" Nikaido trails off. "Why's everybody looking at me?"

"Raise your hand if you agree on Nika and Ken-chan," Kitayama says. Everyone's hand goes up.

"HEY," Nikaido splutters, hand most definitely not up. Instead he points at Tamamori and Miyata. "What the hell! Use them!"

"That's not fan service," Fujigaya says dismissively. "That's real."

"It's true~!" Miyata chirps, throwing his arms around Tamamori's neck. Tamamori gives a bleep like a mortified robot.

"What difference does that make?!" Nikaido demands. "They're gross all the time, they can totally do it on stage too!"

"There's no way Tama-chan can hold up to the strain," Fujigaya says, and Tamamori nods vigorously, cheeks apple-bright.

"Aw, Nika," Senga pouts, hand drooping a little where he's still got it in the air, "you don't want to do fan service with me?"

"I don't want to do it with anybody!" Nikaido protests, not liking Senga's sad face even one little bit, because if Senga really gets going, nobody, least of all Nikaido, can resist giving Senga his way.

"But we were talking about doing it though?" Yokoo says casually, and Nikaido gives him a glare. Yokoo blinks innocently. "I think you and Ken-chan would be more natural, though, so I'll support you whole-heartedly."

"Right!" Senga bobs his head. "You can still do it with Watta, even! I won't get jealous!"

"That's not what I…" Nikaido has to drop his eyes to the table when Senga ratchets up his pleading expression. "What the hell, you morons."

"Anyway, we already voted," Fujigaya claps his hands to end the meeting. "So that settles it, meeting adjourned. Everybody have a safe trip home~!"


"What's even the problem, Nika-chan," Fujigaya blows off Nikaido's concerns when Nikaido sidles up to him in the locker room to quietly beg him to reconsider, pride already in shambles. "You and Ken-chan are best friends, right?"

"Yes," Nikaido says.

"So you touch each other a little more and say cutesy things to each other." Fujigaya finishes yanking on his shirt and reaches up to fluff his hair. "Say you like him in front of a bunch of silly girls. So what? You do like him, love him even. You two are closest in the group anyway."

"It's not the same," Nikaido insists. "We're not like Miyacchi and Tama-chan."

"And thank goodness for that," Fujigaya responds, wrinkling his nose. Behind them, Tamamori is definitely talking to his skates or underwear or something, and neither one of them turns to look.

"Look, are you just trying to torment me or what?" Nikaido demands. "It's not funny, okay?"

"Because the success of our tour and our unit is so all about you." Fujigaya rolls his eyes, voice sharp. "Fan service works, brat, and if what it takes is two of us swallowing what little pride we have, then you should be glad I'm not sending you out there in a school uniform skirt with fishnets. If I thought it would get us a cd, hell, I'd send all seven of us out like that!"

Nikaido glares at Fujigaya wordlessly, and Fujigaya's expression softens a little.

"You and Ken-chan go shopping and play together all the time, and you'll be sharing hotel rooms all tour. You practically have to do nothing! See, there's no problem."

There is a problem, Nikaido thinks sourly as he goes back to his bag and starts digging around in it without knowing what he's looking for.

The problem is that Nikaido does like Senga, loves him even, and the only reason he's been able to keep his secret this long is that Senga, bless his bleached head, is a moron.

He has to be, otherwise there's no way Senga could have missed that fact that Nikaido stands too close on the train and has to close his eyes a little when he catches the scent of Senga's shampoo. Just like he doesn't seem to notice that Nikaido has to wear looser sweats to practice most days and can barely look away when Senga dances seriously, Senga's eyes intense and his body graceful and flexible, or how Nikaido has to swallow his jealousy when Yara or A.B.C. or whoever gets a little too grabby with his best friend.

Nikaido knows better than to want things that he can't have, and he's happy the way things are. But if he has to stand on stage and tell Senga that he loves him…not even Senga can be enough of a moron not to see that it's true.

"Nika!" Senga calls happily, dropping to his knees with effortless grace in front of Nikaido's bags, dragging Nikaido away from his thoughts. Senga's grinning, eyes lit up with excitement for their first tour practice, and Nikaido struggles not to let the sudden throb of his heartbeat show in his face. "Fujigaya says we need a name combi too."

"I didn't say I agreed," Nikaido frowns, then frowns harder at the way Senga doesn't seem to believe him, only giving him a token pout this time.

"I'll work on it," he announces instead, looking determined. "Hey, come over and write a new song with me after practice, okay?"

Refusing Senga anything he wants is definitely not something Nikaido knows how to do.


"Please," Nikaido says when he manages to corner Tamamori finally on the pretense of stretching. He knows he sounds pathetic, but Senga's been at him about the thing for days, and he's too desperate to care. "Tama-chan, please don't make me do this, please."

"But we aren't fan service," Tamamori points out, infuriatingly calm. "Like Taipi said, Miyacchi and me, that's real."

"There's no difference at all!" Nikaido hisses.

"It won't work anyway," Tamamori continues, struggling to touch his toes since his legs are a million kilometers long. "Fan service works because they want to be one of you, right? Miyacchi's the gross character, ne. Nobody wants to be him or date him."

"That's crap, he's hot all of the sudden, and he's got fans just like all of us, and besides," Nikaido adds, "you want him."

A corner of Tamamori's mouth, just visible behind his arm as he stretches, turns up in a smile. "Well. He just made it that way, didn't he."

"Exactly!" Nikaido says, hoping his expression is encouraging rather than slightly manic. "See, he worked hard and didn't give up and reached his dreams! It's perfect, it's just like a NEWS song!"

"It's like a whole NEWS medley," Tamamori laughs as he sits back up, tugging one of his arms across his chest and pressing in on his elbow. "But that's just between us. I can't do it on stage, it'll mess up my whole image."


"Besides," Tamamori doesn't let Nikaido get in his protest, "Miyacchi and me, it's not really the image we want."

"You're cute," Nikaido says, trying to sound convincing.

"Exactly," Tamamori agrees, and Nikaido frowns. "Kisumai isn't supposed to be cute, we're supposed to be hot! And you and Senga…"

Tamamori trails off and looks meaningfully over Nikaido's shoulder. When Nikaido glances over his shoulder, across the room Senga is practicing one of his accent dance ideas, and it doesn't leave much to the imagination. Nikaido whips his head back around and glares at his sneakers.

"Say, Nika," Tamamori says, cheerful, "your sweats are kinda loose lately, huh?"

"Just the usual amount," Nikaido grumbles.

"Hm," Tamamori tilts his head, "but I wonder if maybe the reason you don't want to fool around with Senga on stage is because you want to fool around with him off stage instead?"

"What?!" Nikaido demands, giving Tamamori his fiercest scowl of denial. Tamamori just stares back, plainly unconvinced, and eventually Nikaido gives in. "Fine, that's why, you're a genius. But we can't do it either then, if what I feel is real, right?"

"You'll just have to work hard, Nika-chan," Tamamori counsels, making Nikaido throw his hands in the air in exasperation.


"Nika!" Senga's voice rings across the practice stage, making Nikaido's head pull up automatically. Tamamori nudges Miyata with an elbow, but Nikaido gives them a warning glare before they can do any more than give each other significant glances.

They make excuses about getting water and saunter off just as Senga rushes up to Nikaido, and Nikaido isn't sorry to see them go.

"What's up?" Nikaido asks.

"We should be Nisen!" Senga exclaims, breathless with excitement.

Nikaido's heart jumps into his throat and sticks there as he stares at Senga. Senga is staring back, waiting hopefully for Nikaido's reaction, when Nikaido manages a "What?"

"For the fan service!" Senga explains, and Nikaido's heart drops back into his chest and makes a crash landing somewhere in his stomach. "I squished our names, and we both have number kanji, right? So I thought we could be—"

"I don't want to do it!" Nikaido snaps, his squashed flicker of hope making his voice sharp.

"Yeah, I know," Senga brushes Nikaido off again, only this time Nikaido's had enough. "So—"

"I said I don't want to!" Nikaido repeats, more of a shout this time, and Senga shuts his mouth, hurt flickering over his face. That makes his stomach twist worse than the hope had, and Nikaido tries to get a grip on himself as he tugs Senga over to a quiet corner of the room. "Look, come here so we can talk."

Senga lets Nikaido lead him away by the wrist without protest, and when they've got as much privacy as they're going to get, he's still looking at Nikaido with big, hurt eyes.

"Geez, with the eyes," Nikaido grumbles, mostly to himself, trying to shove down the sting in his own chest long enough to say what he wants. "I mean it, okay? I don't want to do it. Fujigaya can yell at me or do it himself, I don't care."

"But why?" Senga asks, and he doesn't give up when Nikaido just shakes his head. "What's the difference? Tell me!"

"I can't," Nikaido says.

"It doesn't have to mean anything," Senga protests, and Nikaido swallows a wince, "everybody knows it's just stage stuff, we're just fooling around. It won't mean…"

"I can't," Nikaido repeats, and forces himself to look into Senga's eyes. "Please, Kento, I just can't, okay? Please don't make me."

"Okay, Nika," Senga says quietly after a second, and then turns and trudges off across the room, pausing only to tell Fujigaya he'll be right back before slipping out of the room. When he comes back a handful of minutes later, he goes back to practice as if nothing happened, and Nikaido ignores the uneasiness still twisting in his stomach and reminds himself that it's better this way, it'll all go back to normal.

Things are just fine exactly the way they are.


Expecting to be called out, Nikaido is surprised when Fujigaya lets the matter drop and doesn't bring it up again as they finalize plans for the tour. He suspects Senga might have talked to Fujigaya about it directly, and while the thought of that makes Nikaido feel unpleasant for several reasons, he's at least glad they aren't going to be having any more group meetings about it.

Things between him and Senga are strained for a couple days, but it fades away under the onslaught of practice and nerves as the tour draws nearer. It's stressful, good as the tension feels, but it pulls them all together, and Nikaido and Senga have always been the closest ones after all.

"Hey," Nikaido broaches the subject cautiously after he thinks enough time has passed. He touches Senga's arm, and Senga pauses on his way by to look at him. "I'm sorry. About the…"

Senga drops his eyes to the floor, but then lifts them to Nikaido's after a second, and his smile isn't that different than usual, if small. "It's okay, Nika. There's more important stuff."

"Y…eah," Nikaido agrees slowly as Senga goes on his way, wondering why he isn't feeling as good about that as he had hoped.

Then Oita hits, and it's forgotten in the rush of standing on their own stage, doing all the things they've been planning for months, for years, and then rushing to Kagoshima so they can do it all over again twice more.

They bump into each other in the wings after the second Oita show, clumsy on their skates with adrenaline and exhaustion as they stumble off after their last encore, the audience a muffled roar behind them. Nikaido stumbles over a cord and Senga knocks into him because he's not paying attention. The two of them grab at each other to keep from tumbling to the ground, and when they get themselves straightened out, Senga is laughing, stage-high and hot under Nikaido's hands.

"Nika," Senga teases once he gets a good look at him. "Aw, Nika, are you crying?"

"I'm totally not," Nikaido retorts, scrubbing at his eyes with his sleeve and adding something about sweat and the glare of the lights.

"Sure, sure," Senga agrees easily. "Hey, you and Watta…"

"Yeah?" Nikaido asks, suddenly nervous, the echo of Yokoo pressed tight against him tickling over his skin.

But Senga's grin doesn't waver. "It looked really good, Nika. You should keep doing it, okay?"

For a second, Nikaido just blinks at Senga, and then he grabs Senga in a tight hug, maybe a little stage-high himself and not giving even a second of thought to who might be watching.

"You're the best, Kenpi," he murmurs into Senga's hair. Senga makes a smug noise and hugs Nikaido back, his hands warm against the small of Nikaido's back, his grip strong.


Kobe is dead-center of the tour, including all the added shows, and Nikaido is starting to think that he wouldn't mind doing this whole tour thing forever.

"Forever?" Senga laughs from under the towel as he squeezes the water out of his hair. "We can't tour forever, stupid! We have to take breaks to record our albums, and I still want to do Shounen Club sometimes too!"

"Stupid!" Nikaido mocks him from his sprawl on his hotel bed, but with a note of unease. "Don't say shit like that out loud, you'll jinx it."

"You're so superstitious." Senga's eyes appear under the edge of the towel, sparkling with amusement at Nikaido's expense. "No wonder you can't take a bath by yourself, baby."

"Fuck you." Nikaido narrows his own eyes in warning. "I should have left you in there and let Tama, Miyacchi, and Kitamitsu have their way with you." He narrows his eyes a little more when Senga makes a thoughtful noise like maybe Nikaido should have left him. Then Senga laughs, and Nikaido snorts and lets his eyes fall shut.

They only had one show today, but that doesn't mean it wasn't tiring, and it feels good to just lie there on the blankets, even if Nikaido isn't exactly sleepy yet. He doesn't mind at all when he feels Senga crawl up onto the bed beside him and push at him to make room.

Senga puts all his energy into every show and wears down as tours go on, even when it's not their tour to fret about. He's anxious about trying to do three shows in a row tomorrow, Nikaido knows, and Senga usually seeks out physical contact as a comfort when he's tired and worried. Nikaido holds out an arm for Senga to settle on and curls it around Senga's shoulders when he does, glad it's him Senga is sharing a room with this tour, that it's him Senga wants the comfort from.

They lie there in comfortable silence for a while; Nikaido isn't sure how long. He lets his mind drift pleasantly, Senga's skin still warm and a little damp from the bath through the thin cotton of their hotel yukatas, Senga's drying hair smelling of his shampoo against Nikaido's shoulder.

"Hey," Senga says eventually, sounding drowsy like Nikaido feels. "Tell me why you wouldn't do the thing with me?"

"I can't," Nikaido says, not quite that out of it yet, although he's close.

"Yes, you can," Senga insists. "I'm your best friend, you can tell me anything. I won't laugh, or tell anybody, I promise. So why?"

Nikaido feels Senga shift his weight, hitch himself up on his elbow to look at Nikaido's face, but Nikaido takes a shaky breath and keeps his eyes closed. It feels easier if he doesn't have to look at Senga while he does it.

"It's because I like you," he finally admits, throat feeling dry and heart doing some weird syncopated dance.

"I know," is Senga's response.

"No," Nikaido clarifies, "I mean I like you, I…"

"Nika," Senga says gently, and Nikaido finally opens his eyes to find Senga watching him with a soft smile, "I know."

"You…" Nikaido doesn't know what to do or say now, and when his grip tightens on Senga reflexively and Senga only presses closer against his side, he feels even more confused. "What?"

"You stand too close to me on the train and smell my hair." Senga's voice is amused, especially when Nikaido's cheeks start to color. "You stare at me when I dance, and you get all cranky when Yaracchi or Tsuka-chan or anybody touches me too much. Your new sweats are like two sizes looser than your last set. I'm not that stupid, Nika."

"But," Nikaido swallows, searching Senga's face for signs that he's being made fun of, but not finding any. "If you knew, why didn't you just say? Why'd you let me do all that?"

"I told you," Senga shrugs, "there's more important stuff."

"Oh." Nikaido still doesn't know what to say, or do, but he supposes that if Senga knew and is fine to just let it alone, then…well, it could be a lot worse. "So that's it, then?"

"No," Senga answers, and before Nikaido can ask what he means, Senga is leaning down and pressing his mouth to Nikaido's.

It's not a very good kiss, because Nikaido's jaw drops and then he freezes like that, until Senga lifts his face just enough to huff at Nikaido impatiently.

"Nikaaa," he whines, "do it right! I've waited like two million years to kiss you and this sucks!"

"I do not suck!" Nikaido protests, snapped out of his daze. Senga laughs at the fierce glare Nikaido gives him, but Nikaido can feel him shiver too, all along the length of their bodies where they're pressed close together. And then the rest of Senga's statement sinks in. "And what do you mean you've waited two million years? What the hell, Kento?"

"You call me Kenpi and I like it," Senga points out, giving a casual shrug, but Nikaido can read the uncertainty in Senga's eyes, now that he's finally looking. "You know that's not normal, right?"

Nikaido doesn't bother answering, or doing anything else besides getting a hand into Senga's hair and yanking him down for another kiss. He rolls them over, nearly sending them over the edge of the hotel bed, but he barely even notices as he gets Senga underneath him and pins him down with his weight, stroking both hands through Senga's hair and over his cheeks and neck and shoulders. Senga is warm and willing and clinging under him, and Nikaido feels like he can't get enough of Senga, couldn't get enough of him if he had another two million years.

They're both panting and flushed when they pull apart finally. Nikaido doesn't stop stroking Senga's skin, though, and Senga looks up at him with puffy lips and dark eyes like Nikaido is the one making the sun rise and set.

"So I don't suck?" he asks, just to be sure.

Senga shakes his head, a grin creeping onto his face. "So can we do the thing now? On stage?"

"If we do this on stage, we'll get suspended," Nikaido scolds, but he wonders, really. "That's why you wanted to do it so bad? Why you went along with Fujigaya? Because you knew the whole time that I'd…"

Senga squirms, grin disappearing suddenly, and Nikaido realizes that Senga looks guilty. "Actually…Taipi only did it because I asked him to. Or, no, that's wrong, I asked him for advice to try and get you to confess. He asked me if I was sure, really really sure, and then…and then he came up with the fan service thing at that meeting."

"Are you?" Nikaido asks, and Senga tilts his head. "Really really sure?"

"Uh-huh," Senga says, expression serious. "Taipi worries about the group, but it's not like I don't! It's just," Senga chews his lip, and something inside Nikaido melts, some part he hadn't even realized was cold, "if it's Nika, then it's worth risking, even Kis—"

"Don't say shit like that," Nikaido commands, crushing Senga tight against him and burying his face in Senga's hair until he can get a better grip on himself.

"I just mean…" Senga starts, voice muffled against Nikaido's chest, but Nikaido cuts him off again.

"Just be really really sure," he says, then all the breath whooshes out of his lungs when Senga wraps his arms around Nikaido's chest and squeezes him as tight as he can. Nikaido forgets, sometimes, how strong Senga is when he doesn't hold back. It would make his breath catch, if he had any left.

"I'm sure," Senga promises, his breath warm over Nikaido's heart. "Ne…are you?"

Nikaido draws a slow breath and has to close his eyes a little from the scent of Senga's shampoo.

The next morning, he tells Fujigaya that maybe, if it's for Kisumai, they could try a little fan service after all. Since they've got such a cute combi name, it'd be a shame not to use it, after all.


"Hm, about that…" Senga starts, twiddling the mic between his fingers a little as he pauses for effect. "The truth is…with Nikaido…"

The others are laughing, Nikaido knows, or faking scandal maybe, but he doesn't look at them. Across the stage he only has eyes for Senga, for the smirk Senga's wearing that's all for Nikaido and nobody else, the same way that even though his words are to the audience, a whole arena full of silly girls, they're really only for Nikaido and nobody else.

Senga's smirk turns into a smile, real and happy. "…We're boyfriends."

And the wave of noise that nearly drowns out Senga's last word is louder and better than just about any noise that Nikaido has ever heard in his entire life.

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

  • Interhigh 2018 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

  • Chocolate Box 2018 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…