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Inertia, Thy Name is Mousi

I think I might possibly be the laziest person on earth. I've slept as long as I wanted two nights in a row, and I still just want to lie here on my couch and do nothing. I kind of even want a nap. fail.

I had more unwanted work news this week, so I've been down about that, and it's even more frustrating because we don't know any details yet, so I can't tell whether I should panic or I am panicking properly, or anything. Lately I've been thinking on and off that if I did get furloughed, at least that would force me to find a different job, because there must be other jobs which I would hate less than this and/or are for intelligent, non-masochistic people.

But frankly even the thought of purposely causing that much upheaval makes me all panicky, so. idek. I wish somebody would pay me to translate young adult novels into Latin or something. Or that my Japanese was good enough for somebody to pay me to translate those light novels for women to read on the train into English.

So I suppose I ought to go outside and find food and probably try to write something.

Or maybe I'll just lie here some more.
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