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This is Why Massu Isn't Allowed to Name Songs

Dropped off musikologie at the bus. Sadfaaaaace. Not that I was a terribly awesome host this week, between going to work all the time and struggling with crazy and anorexic guinea pigs and my parents' neurotic beagle. But we ate a lot of food and went to the Baltimore Aquarium and Chocolate World yesterday, so I hope she had a good time.

Except for that part where my truck's AC apparently does not work and it was randomly like 90° the whole trip home yesterday. Uuuugh.

Now I am going to sit on my butt and watch a bunch of Criminal Minds and dick around on GPXplus and maybe write for JE100 (it's pet week!) and pretend that i do not have to go BACK to work tomorrow, which is going to suck beyond all reason.

Adopt one today!
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