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My parents finally got home safely about 10pm, so at least they're home. I feel marginally better after sleeping for 10 hours in my own bed.

JE FQFest signups close tonight, so if you want to signup, you should. I think I probably will, despite the fact that lately I haven't wanted to write a goddamned thing and my Remix is due like any second.

I paid off my dentist for a trip there two months ago myself, because I've never got a check from my insurance so I forgot about it, and I can't figure out what the hell is going on because the website won't let me log in or reset anything and locked me out after trying a couple times, and of course you can't call the people because it's a weekend. Dear Concordia: NO ONE WANTS TO HACK MY DENTAL RECORDS. I am so worn out of things that were no problem on paper being a huge encrypted nightmare online because we're 'going green.' Until we get the point where the computer can scan my fingerprint or take a blood sample or whatever, everybody needs to knock it the fuck off.

The Baltimore Aquarium did refund my $350 worth of erroneous ticket charges though. Looks like I won't be a PLATINUM DONOR after all.

Also, I'll do a proper post about this later, but I stuck Chaotic Butterly/Unseen Wings up on since some people wanted it for ereaders like Kindles and Nooks and things. Here it is. It's $4 for an ereader version, and SW puts it up in a ton of different formats, so you're probably covered no matter which ereader you use. I think you'll have to sign up with Smashwords to do it, but they have a ton of free ebooks up there, so it's worth investigating anyway if you're the sort of person who digs the ereader.
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