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Meet you at the server at midnight...

Thanks to iibnf for answering my roommate question, and to mctabby for pointing her my way. hugs to both of you!

So i got one of those "you have exceeded your bandwidth" emails again. ARGH. Last time this happened, it was a webcrawler problem and i ended up creating the robots.txt thing that sends them packing. They've tried to load my site 250 times this month alone! 250 TIMES!

So I'm looking at my webstats, and there is a suspicious leap in the wallpaper page's stats, like 400 more visits than any other page...further investigation reveals...GOOGLE AGAIN! This time the google image server was having an illicit affair with my wallpaper page, and the only solution is to delete the page, I suppose.

It's not really like I mind, the website is really for my fiction and the email anyway, but CHRIST on a POGO STICK, I'm so frustrated with the search engines and their effing crawlers. This isn't some shitty free website either, I'm paying for my 1048576000 bytes a month. There is NO REASON I should be exceeding that. NONE.

So, there's a lot less images floating around now. I think this is all Ellen's fault somehow, her and her stupid porno ring...
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