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Who Wants To See the Cutest Jpop Band Ever?


They're called 'Galileo Galilei' and that song, Natsuzora, is the theme for the second season of Oofuri. The lead singer is so adorable I want to squish him and looks like a fluffy baby Ueda with maybe a touch of Kitayama thrown in, and the one guitarist i think has on glasses and looks like they made Tezuka be in a band. they paint a beach for themselves! and then go play on it!

Tabris: is that a paper bear with a chef hat
Mousapelli: YES IT ISSSSS

also i mainlined all of oofuri from the beginning up to where we are now in season 2, and I need MORE. they keep introducing moms and it's amazing. it's like if you made an anime where NEWS played baseball and their moms came to games and gossiped about them. I don't know who that would make abe and mihashi, though (Koyama and shige? Yamapi = hanai and tegoshi = tajima, definitely). Lol this is probably not selling any of you on this series, but if you like shounen anime, it's so good. The end of season 1 made me fistpump and shout at my computer in victory. WIN.

spent all day at the pool of my apt complex with my mother. mmmmmm chlorine.
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