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Your Mouth Says No But Your Tentacles Say RAAAAAAGE

I'm having a terribly disturbing conversation about pokemon breeding on gpxplus:

(about breeding a Remorage)

me: Might be a little bit, just to warn you, ... the octillirage has historically been a little reluctant [to breed].
other person: ... the Ditto really speeds up the novelty eggs with my clones. I'm hoping I can assume the same will happen for every other novelty I breed it with.
Me: ... i guess it all depends on how much it likes the ditto, and in my experience most pokemon don't enjoy the ditto very much at all at first. Perhaps they are put off by his squishy texture.
OP: You know, they all say they hate the Ditto, but everyone breeds with it so quickly I can barely keep up.

THEY SAY NO NO NO BUT THEY DONT MEAN IT. Lol and here i thought it was just my octillirage expressing its immense, blue dissatisfaction with its egg-laying partner. on the other hand, I guess the ditto probably doesn't mind the rough sex. Or the tentacles.

...lmao how did i end up thinking about this. (it's all an excuse to use this icon)

Why isn't school overrrrrrr. Everybody quit getting yourselves fired and cheating on things!
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