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Otoh, I Hear Kame Made a Good Impression on the Parliment

SCHOOL IS OVER. *RELIEEEEEF* I have some more junk next week, but no students, so I'm thoroughly unconcerned about that. Also, given the Spanish teacher sobbing in the planning room, I think if I were getting laid off for next year, i'd have probably had a bad meeting about it already. you know, on top of the bad union meetings and the bad plagiarizing meeting. But it doesn't matter because it's OVER.

I was totally taking my laptop to school with me as a comfort object all this week, even on days I knew I wouldn't use it. Things were so much easier when I had a blankie. At least I wrote some today? I'll probably write a bunch more on Monday.

♥♥♥♥♥ to my flist for putting up with me all of this year. I realize there was a lot more whining and a lot less fic than you were probably hoping for. I wish I could promise you it'd be better for next year, but...well, at least it'll be better all summer, I can promise you.

Anybody interested in an Ebikisu kink meme? Rachel claims we don't have enough writers, but I think if we empower you with the superpower of ANONYMITY a lot more of you will be willing to write me dirty things about Senga and Hasshi (or just hand over more Tama/Miya or Mitsu/Tottsu, I'm not picky).
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