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Packing is for Losers

Just got an amazing package from snowqueenofhoth and shabzilla ♥♥♥

They sent me my kisumai tour shirt!! Which I sort of barely fit in because I am fat lol, but I do fit in it! Also a jingly phone charm ♥ and some socks and pencils and onigiri wrappers (like for me to use, not used ones XD) and some...sukiyaki flavored ramen thingies...and a bag rice with things? one of you get online and tell me wtf this is.

ALSO. Rachel, the honeypot thing is hilariously perfect, because I was just thinking that I needed something exactly like it to keep my DS safe in my purse. EXCELLENT JOB, KOUHAI. I think I will keep both of you on as my kouhai.

What did NOT come in the mail was my form from the school for my certification, which means I get to have my dad watch out for it. LOL that'll totally go over well. Not.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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