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FML (International Remix)

So. About this flight to Italy that I was supposed to take yesterday. Well, actually I did take it. Some of it.

We took off at like 4pm for Frankfurt, which is where my connection was, and were in the air for about three hours when all the sudden the captain came on. It turned out one of the navigation computers had gone out, and you can't fly over the ocean unless you have all three, so we had to turn around.

at first they were like, we'll go to Boston instead and get it fixed and then take off again, but then after a while they said they just had to back to Philly because if they got a new crew in Boston the work day would be illegally long.

So we landed at 11pm back in Philly, at which point the people at the counter refused to deal with anybody and gave us little cards with an 800 number to call. While a hundred or so angry Germans kicked up a well-deserved riot around me, I called the number on my cell and got rescheduled for a 6pm flight the next day, and also the lady was like "and the service desk will give you a hotel voucher."

LOL (and by LOL I mean FML) the service desk will definitely not do that. While I was waiting for my luggage (more on that below) I watched a string of people repeat that to the lady at the service desk, whose response was "Well that's what the lady on the phone say, but we ain't got no vouchers here." I just called my dad (Philly is ~2 hrs from them) and he came back and got me. so he arrived at 2am, and we got home at 4am.

re my luggage: mine never showed up, because apparently it went to Frankfurt without me. But mousi, you might ask, why wasn't your luggage on the same flight as you? idek. But I can tell you that I have no shampoo or underwear or excedrin, because it is all in Europe without me right now. Also I have a headache the size of the moon.

so in conclusion, I am not in Italy, I'm never flying US Airways again and you shouldn't either. Assuming nothing crazy goes wrong this time, I'll be in Italy ~8 hrs before we get back on a plane for Madrid, and I might or might not have a suitcase when I get there.

I'm debating whether I can find the right person to demand a) that my flight back be changed to direct/a day later/not 6am, b) that I get award miles for the ~2k miles I flew uselessly, c)my dad get some kind of compensation for the (90x4) miles he drove yesterday because of their fuckup. But I'm reasonably sure they're just going to laugh in my face.
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