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Say "Mas Cervezas!"

Madrid is wonderful and beautiful (but very hot).

We went out early this morning to the H&M which is randomly very near our hotel and everything was on sale, so I finally got some clothes and even new underwear. Not that I really wanted European underwear, which touches me in strange places, but let's never speak again about how long I had been wearing the pair I had on me when I started this trip. Anyway, it was already hot by the time we ran back to the hotel so I could change, and I've never been happier than I was when I got to put on the skirt and flipflops instead of the jeans and sneakers, holy god.

puppeteer8 met the three of us (me, my brother and his girlfriend) for lunch at a great paella place, and then led us all around for hours and hours. She was so sweet to stay with us despite the heat and told us tons of interesting things, and we had a really wonderful time. She even brought me a fan as a present, which was immediately useful in the heat, although I still feel bad my stuff for her is in my suitcase and thus lost. Thank you so much again ♥

Then we found a bar where we could watch the USA vs Ghana match D: D: D: but it was funny to be in a Spanish bar and surrounded by British and American people. ...and then we got Burger King ice cream on the way back to the hotel because we are silly foreigners. I'm sore all over now, but I'm sort of starting to feel back to normal at least, instead of still feeling all dehydrated and weird.

I missed a call late in the day from someplace in Italy, so I can only assume it's the airport. Keep your fingers crossed that they unearthed my luggage D:
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