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Super Rome Party Kings of Rome

I'm at my brother's school for the day with his netbook and in the air conditioning ♥ holy god it is so hot here, and it totally doesn't cool off at all until like 8pm. Yesterday I went all around the Roman Forum and the Colosseum with my brother's girlfriend, which was really cool and I definitely enjoyed it, but so hoooooot. Also now I am crazy sunburned despite the use of my sexy H&M/Madrid hat.

And it's really nice of my brother to let me stay with him because it's saving me like a billion euro in hotel fees, but their bathroom is like the size of the 2-person desk I'm sitting at right now, no lie. It's exactly wide enough that I can stand in front of the sink and I'm touching the sink with my stomach and the door with my back, and then if I reach out to either side I can put my hands flat on the walls. Let me tell you about showering in this bathroom D: So he kept trying to be like "no no go do touristy things while I'm at work, really" and I was like "please for the love of god just let me sit somewhere dark and cold with a laptop and the internet for a long while, kthx."

I'm a terrible tourist, it's true. More on that later.

So anyway, I'm going to try and finish editing Purely By Luck this afternoon and get that junk all turned into CreateSpace and then maybe reboot JE100 because musikologie seems to have fallen off the internet again.
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