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This Is Why There Are No Romans Here In Summer

It is so hot here jfc. Have you ever been so hot that you cried? Because that is a line that I crossed today. YES I CRIED IN THE VATICAN MUSEUM TODAY and it was not because I was moved by jesus, okay.

I mean, i don't want to downplay the fact that I saw priceless works of art all afternoon, masterpieces by Michelangelo and Raphael, so many Greek and Roman statues that I was nearly sick of them, read Latin inscriptions until my heart's content, and whatever else here in the cradle of Western civilization, but I have to tell you that after about an hour in the Museo de Vaticano (which is shaded and made of MARBLE, i want to add), it was super hard to care about that when I was afraid I was going to be sick from the heat right on a 100yo mosaic.

I think they frown on that there. Also, despite the fact that my underwear was glued to my ass all day, i somehow acquired a mosquito bite on it the size of a Euro.

Also it's supposed to get 5 or so degrees hotter this Saturday when we go to Pompeii. Europe why. whyyyyy. I just want to see my brother and maybe some Roman junk and then I am leaving, i swear. There is no need for torture.

I think we're doing the catacombs tomorrow while my brother is at work, so i want to say at least it will be cooler underground, but that's what I said about the museum, so.
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