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Junkers Earns a Nap

instead of doing anything i should have been, I blew the whole afternoon RPing on glitterverse (Remus is going to KILL Sirius...).

But also, I made a bulletin board for my hall. I took all my residents' names and made each of them a couple Anagrams, where you mix up all the letters and make new stuff.

Some of them were hysterical:
"Nine Nude in Avalanche"
"Hefty Terrorists Hopscotch"
"Nine Virile Gorillas"

And some of them were unable to appear on the board:
"liars relieving loins"
"salutary labial wheeze"
"intensive jaw method"

sociofemme's comes out as the demand an STD patient might make: "Healer! Enable Tinkle!"
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