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It's Kisumai Calling!

And then in the ten seconds right before I was supposed to close the laptop and sleep, Kisumai is apparently getting a CM and a release of Firebeat/Inori.

*_________________* it's like for cell phone download, but WHATEVER. that is awesome news. studio version of Inori DO WANT.

waah this is totally nerve-wracking. the closer and closer we creep to something official happening the more nervous I get! i like them way too much for this to end any way besides in heartbreak D:

ETA: There's a longer/better oricon article here.

"初めてのCM撮影に臨んだメンバーたちは、現場に入るなり「テンション上がるな〜!」と満面の笑み" and "モニターチェックでは思わず「オー!」と歓声をあげながら「俺たちじゃないみたい」" = AWWWWWWW. kisumai, i seriously cannot love you any more than I do right now. YOU CAN DO IT GANBATTE.

You know, all the hours I put into learning to read Japanese is 100% worth it for moments like this, and if we get even better news next, I want to be able to read it and understand it naturally, so. 私も頑張ります!
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