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Speaking of Firebeat

I am back home in the USA, for anybody who was concerned I might end up on a third failed flight to/from Italy. It was not what I would call pleasant, but at least it was direct and my parents came and got me from the airport and then I slept a lot. Also I took a shower in a bathroom not the size of a phonebooth, so that improved my state of mind quite a bit.

It was totally hard to leave my baby brother on another continent and I cried like a baby in the security line. This is the main reason why Italy and I can't be friends.

Here at home, it's supposed to hit 100° today, but I don't care because I have aircon. someday, Europe, you will see the light.

also, despite the fact that it was too hot to eat half the time and that i ate mostly fruit and fish and salad and drank a ton of water and walked around endlessly for two weeks, I gained five pounds. seriously? Look, body, I just can't help you. clearly your goal is to be as fat and useless as possible, and I am trading you in as soon as a functional, bionic body is an option.

Kisumai's Firebeat CM is AMAZING. I would give ANYTHING EVER for a full-length PV of that. Inori kind of sucks, lol, or maybe it's just that I think Fujigaya's tie makes him look like he belongs in the Snow Prince Choir. I also would give anything ever for somebody to figure out how to liberate the studio versions from their japanese cell phone.
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