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Title: A Pencil That Needs Sharpening [Hashimoto/Totsuka]
Rating/Warnings: R for Hashimoto and blowjobs.
Summary: Hashimoto shares Totsuka's shower, and Totsuka isn't made of stone.
AN: Written for the Ebikisu Kink Meme, for the prompt "Tottsu drops the soap." Why is this pairing so easy to write. Sadface.

A Pencil That Needs Sharpening

Hashimoto isn't the sharpest pencil in the box. It's part of his charm, along with his ridiculous height and good looks and the way he still emits innocence even when they're all naked in the dressing room and he's suggesting size comparisons, but sometimes it gets to Totsuka just a little.

"You dropped this?" Hashimoto says, helpfully holding out the soap for Totsuka.

In the next stall, Kawai guffaws. Totsuka sighs and takes it back, closes his eyes and asks for strength when Hashimoto turns around and asks sweetly if Totsuka will wash his back.

"Hasshi," he starts as he complies. "There are lots of other showers open." Hashimoto makes a noise that's less about agreeing than encouraging Totsuka's hands on his skin. "What I mean is, they're a little small to share, aren't they?"

"It's Tottsu so it's okay," Hashimoto murmurs, and Totsuka's hand clenches tight enough that the soap threatens to slip out from his fingers again.

That's just the thing, it seems like Hashimoto can't possibly not know what it looks like he's asking for from Totsuka, half the time seeming like he's actually begging for it. But whenever Totsuka pushes for certainty, instead of breaking through a thin veneer of innocence, it seems however deep Totsuka pushes, that Hashimoto's naivete really does go the whole way down.

Totsuka isn't made of stone. If it were anybody else, he'd have thrown them up against the wall and taken what he wanted weeks ago. But for all his height and newly-hard muscles, Hashimoto is nearly a decade younger than Totsuka, the gap way too far for Totsuka to cross until he's sure.

"Tottsu's hands feel reeeally good," Hashimoto murmurs, and Totsuka has to snatch his hands away from Hashimoto's warm, slick skin, afraid of what he might do next with or without permission if he doesn't get away.

"All clean," he says, his impression of his own usual voice respectable if a bit overbright. "Take your time rinsing off, I'll just go and..." Totsuka trails off as Hashimoto turns and leans his back against the tile, hand curled around his half-hard cock.

Hashimoto's eyelids are low and Totsuka can still feel his gaze rake over him as he gives himself a slow, almost casual stroke and asks, "Why?"

"Are you doing this on purpose?" Totsuka demands, his voice coming out a growl. "Do you know what you're asking me, really?"

Hashimoto shrugs with the shoulder that isn't involved jacking himself off. "The shower's a little small to share, isn't it?"

Totsuka doesn't care for Hashimoto's cleverness and certainly isn't looking to reward it, but there's only so much a man can take. Dropping the soap for the second time, Totsuka takes the step and a half across the stall and wraps an arm around Hashimoto's head to pull him down for a fierce kiss, taking out his frustration in nips to Hashimoto's lips. Hashimoto doesn't seem to take it as punishment, groaning sweetly into Totsuka's mouth and parting his lips even wider for Totsuka to explore as he wills. Totsuka leans the length of his body against Hashimoto's, presses him against the tile so that their cocks rub hot alongside each other, and it's not long before both of them are hard.

"I can taste you, right?" Hashimoto tears his mouth away to breathe against Totsuka's ear, and before Totsuka can work out any kind of answer to that, Hashimoto is already sliding down his body, settling on his knees and leaning forward to suckle at the tip of Totsuka's cock where it's heavy against his leg, eyes flicking up like he's seeking Totsuka's approval.

"Fuck, you brat," Totsuka can't do anything but groan, and then Hashimoto gives him a slow blink that clearly means I'm hoping so. Growling, Totsuka gets his hands into Hashimoto's hair, tight enough to make Hashimoto's eyes flutter and force him to take Totsuka a little deeper, less of a tease. "Shouldn't you be working a little harder down there, you wanted it so much?"

It's either the best thing he could have said or the worst, Totsuka finds out a moment later, because when Hashimoto really applies himself, he can take enough of Totsuka that his legs threaten to spill him to the ground. Totsuka presses his back more tightly against the wall, grip tightening in Hashimoto's hair, and tries not to moan loud enough to bring the rest of his unit running (because they'll probably form a line and Hashimoto will probably not object). Hashimoto's mouth is hot and wet and perfect, one of his hands tight around Totsuka's base, and Totsuka's got a pretty good guess where the other one is, Hashimoto's eyes dark and willing and focused on Totsuka's face, telling him he can do whatever he likes with him.

Giving in to the way his hips want to snap forward, Totsuka lets his body take over and leaves Hashimoto to sort it out himself, occupied just trying to stay on his feet as the first wave of heat spills over his skin. He pushes Hashimoto back, off of him, just in time, suddenly enough that Hashimoto's butt hits the ground with a thump just before Totsuka's release pulses over his mouth and cheek.

"Fuck," Totsuka moans weakly as Hashimoto darts his tongue out to tastes before the shower sluices the rest of it away.

"You keep saying that," Hashimoto comments, eyes still innocent as they look up Totsuka, and the he leans back on his hands so his thighs fall open, his own cock heavy and flushed against his stomach. "Tottsu keeps his promises, right?"

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