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In which Mousi Sticks it to the Man

Even after the GPS was finally located (in my father's car wth), it still needed to be updated because it's a year old (GASP ON NOEZ A YEAR) and so every time I use it gives me this scary warning like "ur elektronikz is old, you must updatez!!!!" Figuring there was no way this was going to be a free operation, finally this morning i logged onto Garmin's site to see what the deal is.

After hi-jacking my camera's miniusb-to-usb cord, because shockingly doing anything with the website requires a cord that your GPS doesn't come with. Some poking around later, it turns out that updating the thing once is like $80, and getting a lifetime update package is more than the cost of the GPS itself.

WHOA BACK, GARMIN. Odds that I, or anybody else rational, will do that is 0%. Geezoo, what a scam. So anyway, this is what the internet is for, and ten seconds on TPB turned up exactly the update that I needed. It took like 2 hours to do it manually because i was ul/dling a 1.2 GB file over a usb cord, but in the end i restarted the Nuvi and it looks just fine.

Um, except some of my saved addresses have some kanji in them now. And when I start it up it informs me that I'm loading 'the Queen's maps.' BUT HEY. The Queen's kanjified maps surely didn't cost me $80. You know, the thing is that I would have totally paid Garmin some sort of rational fee because I use the GPS all the time and I'm an adult with a job, but holy hell i was not handing over $80 annually, much less the cost of a brand-new unit. Good gracious.
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