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Excellent Work, Korea

and in the realm of really, really bad things from the Lucifer Teaser:

Um. BAD. SHINee why are you doing this to us. So wrong ;________;

Also, it's really really hilarious that Lucifer is the title of their album. The light-bringer! It's like somebody did just a leeetle research, but maybe not quiiiiiite enough.

But back to Taemin, where the interesting thing is that he's only three days younger than Hasshi, but the oddities of Korean age-counting mean that he'll actually turn 18 in Korean on the 18th. So.

Mousapelli: maybe that's why they had to postpone the release lol
Tabris: lmfao
Mousapelli: "maybe we should push this back like....a week." "hey next week is my....ooh."
Tabris: minho's injury was a ruse
Mousapelli: shinee: "........ooooooooh"
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