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Oh If Only I Were Surprised

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

So the plan this morning was like:
1. Call garage to get oil change.
2. Spend an hour/$25 getting oil change.
3. Write a lot

And then reality looked more like this:
1. Regular garage can't make appointments until Thursday.
2. Go to place I got my tires at, for which I have a coupon for an oil change anyway.
3. Spend all afternoon/$400 at tire place having front brakes replaced.
4. Write nothing. Read half an Anita Blake book instead.

FML. it just never fails. Also since the tires got changed, I feel like there's a sort of shimmy in the truck, but I can't tell whether it's just that the new tires are different (I drove on the old ones thousands of miles longer than I was supposed to), or I'm a stupid girl, or what. i need to go have my dad drive it and see if he feels it too, preferably on a half-decent road, but this is PA, so we don't have a lot of those.

But really this is just me breaking even because my dad got a deal on the new tires where I didn't spend near as much as I should have had to plus didn't have to go to do it myself, so again, I just shouldn't be surprised even a little bit. Even Steven, that's me.
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