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JE100 Drabble Happy Hour(s) Tonight!

from je100:

Reminder that there's one hour until Friday Night Happy Hour(s) which is 9pm-midnight EST tonight!

In the spirit of Happy Hour(s), all drabbles posted must involve the name of a drink/cocktail/liquor/beer. The drink can be the name of the drabble, be involved in the action, be mentioned by a character, be somebody's porn name, anything you please, so long as somehow you get the connection in.

All drabbles posted between 9-12 will get double points this week!

We will also accept drabbles for this week's theme, which is "Moving On" if you've forgotten about that.

You can also join us for AIM groupchat in the room "je100happyhour", so feel free to invite yourself or im either myself (mousapelli) or musikologie (chocolateviolets) if you need us to invite you.
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