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Datte Might Start a Political Revolution in My Truck

No more drivinggggggg D: I have found, over time, that the last chunk of a trip is always the worst in terms of how I feel, no matter the length of the total. When it was 9 hours to VT, it was the last hour, when it's 3 to marksykins it's the last 45 min on the way home. So now that I've driven 27 hours (33 if you count 3 to musikologie and 3 back), I'm concerned that the entire last 7 hours might be the bad part.

Sanapig is eyeing me as if he knows what I have planned and doesn't approve. They've been holding up well all things considered. Yesterday i covered their cage with a blanket so they wouldn't get too hot from the sun, and they seemed to go back to normal under the blanket once they couldn't see that they were moving all the time. I left their water bottle attached too, even though it drips in the car, because i was afraid they're too little to go hours and hours without water and they don't know me well enough yet not to run away when i offer it to them during stops.

DNW. waah somebody else come out here and drive me home.
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