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Back in the Burg

I should have posted this yesterday, probably, but I am home safe, guinea pigs all settled and everything.

I had a good time at therhoda's, they took me out for Italian and everything, and then we watched a couple Hikaru no Go episodes (I forgot how tinyyy they start out!) and KAT-TUN's BTR dvd. ♥♥♥ she was so sweet to let me stay with them, and I really appreciated it.

Because I only listen to full albums on the ipod when on long trips so I'm not constantly diddling with it, and I don't like to repeat things on the same trip, after 40 hours in the car I started digging pretty deep into my shameful musical past. The albums have to be ones I can listen through the whole way, and preferably sing along to or I get bored. In hours 38-40 I thought I couldn't sink any lower than Elton John's Captain Fantastic album*, which I listened to about a thousand times in elementary school, but then I remembered that back in the days of the green imac, I had ripped the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Coming out of our Shell tour album to mp3.

SHAME. I can still sing every single word of it. Including "Cowabunga" which is Michaelangelo's rap to introduce all the turtles. This is why I can't remember my keys, because half of my neurons are still holding onto shit like the lyrics to "Tubin' (Surfing Subterranean)."

*Also while listening to Captain, I spent a lot of songs thinking about how Elton John and Ueda are kind of a lot alike (sparkly glasses, play the piano, write lyrics that I happily sing nonsense along to/don't make any sense in english anyway) and about how I've definitely made very little musical progress. But then I started thinking about how TMNT's touring stageshow with the costumes and the ninja fighting in between songs and the "rock" pop and ridiculous spectacle is pretty much a KAT-TUN concert, and that's when I knew for sure I had made zero progress.

Once in a while (less and less frequently these days) my parents are like "when are you going to grow out of this fandom thing" and it's like really? have you even met me? because apparently I've been like this always.

Because Coming...Shells was the second cassette tape I ever owned. The first was the TMNT movie OST. ...9.95 from that album is still on one of the mix cds in my truck.
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