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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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I Think I Wrote This Fic Once

Adopt one today!

Grocery shopping accomplished! I bought a bunch of frozen things and cereal because it's so flipping hot that it's all I want to eat anyway. Also some watermelon. I forgot oranges for the pigs, though, so as usual my trip to the grocery store will be followed by another trip tomorrow for the junk I forgot.

Sanapig and Nokkun haven't exactly been g-rated lately, lol. Senga and I both just watch them XD Sanapig's weakness is having his ears groomed if you wanted to know that. Datte is grumpy about it, but only because they usually chase each other behind the fuzzy thing Datte sits on, and Datte usually gets knocked off of it.

Also I bought a new floor lamp from Target for like $9. Score!

And now to bask in the attentions of the fan. mmmmmm.
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