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La Femme Ryosuke

So TakiCHANnel went live a bit ago, and it looks really really amazing. It never fails to amaze me how Tackey goes out of his way to generate attention for the juniors, and it makes me so happy to see it done so well. two words: BIRTHDAY CALENDAR. The profiles are nice. Although some of their messages to themselves are questionable to say the least XD

Kisumai's interview is full of retardation and I loved every second of it (after I forced Chrome to load it because FF won't do any jnet streaming for me), and then they got asked what their dream for kisumai is:

WAAAAH MY HEART. Not that I wouldn't cry for kisumai anyway, but since FMA already broke me in half today and I'm totally easy to set off, I full-on teared up as soon as they did it, and then had to pause to regroup when they all looked around at each other and realized they'd done it in unison. GANBATTE, KISUMAI. The whole country is waiting for you, as Takki-T says.

So I sent in my little loser message, but I feel it failed entirely to relate how much I love Tackey for doing something like this, and for doing it so, so well. No wonder every other kid on that calendar lists him as their most admired senpai.
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