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Snowpig Pictures!

I posted this one already, but this is the day I picked them up. They're already bigger!

This is Watta, their mother, and their three sisters. waaai cute.

That's Sanapig in the tube, trying to seduce Nokkun with his stretchiness.

Here's Senga, who apparently wanted her picture taken as well. This picture isn't much for size comparison, but she's totally 3 times the snowpigs' size.

Hay! everybody loves hay. Hay is the only thing Sanapig (who is least dominant) doesn't get chased away from.

Sanapig naps in the fluffy thing. Since I turned it on its side, they take turns napping in it.

Datte was napping (omg so cute) but he heard me click the camera. they're fast!

Here's more of a normal Datte nap position. Lol he stretches his legs out all funny.

Senga does come over to check out the boys routinely, although it's more like just seeing what they're up to. She's a little more social now that she has neighbors.

Nonpig! Taking a break from their increasingly x-rated fusion dance. Sanapig is always last one eating because the other two chase him away from the food bowl until they're satisfied. Sanapig = complete M.

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