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The Snowpig Saga Continues

Datte and Sanapig have been bickering with each other for days now, and it's been escalating until tonight, when I'm pretty sure Datte bit Sanapig on the nose. I'm not positive, he could have banged on the edge of the cage running around like a moron, but certainly they've been nipping at each other.


I moved them across the room from Senga, because I think at least in part the sudden aggression probably has to do with the fact that they can tell there's a girl nearby. Conversely, Nokkun, who doesn't give two figs about Senga, doesn't fight with anybody. But also as they get bigger, I think Sanapig is less and less pleased about Datte chasing him off all the time.

I think their cage is too small for them already, as well, and I'll have to switch them with Senga when I clean them out tomorrow, which Senga is going to be totally pissed off about. to be honest, I'm not psyched either, because I have no idea where to put them for permanent if their cages can't really be next to each other.

*shakes fist* piiiiiiiigs. Hopefully once they get out of their cranky boy stage, everybody'll calm down, but I'm concerned Datte'll have to be separated before that.

ETA: also I'm a little cranky with most of the reputable guinea pig care websites atm, because their solution seems to be 'give them a cage the size of the moon, and also you should drive to Iowa yourself for handpicked hay or you're a terrible owner and person.' I already drove to Kansas for the pigs, thanks, I think I did my bit already.
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