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Well That Was More Dramatic Than I Had Hoped

I went out to get food/bedding for the guinea pigs, go to the store, and then get gas on the way home. The guinea pig stuff took a little while, because I went to both petstores to compare prices and then I ended up going back to the first one, and by the time I got out of the grocery store, we were having a rainstorm which I can only describe to you as biblical.

Usually the crazy hard rain lets up after 15 minutes or so, so I stood there under the store's overhang. and I stood there. and stood there. and stood there. And then we noticed that the parking lot was kind of flooding and the main entrance was thigh-deep in water and...there was definitely no choice but to go for it or I was going to be stranded in the grocery store for who knew how long. I was soaked before I'd gotten halfway to the car, and it just kept on going the entire way home.

Anyway, now the guinea pigs have been cleaned and their cages switched, so the boys are pretty excited about their new digs, and Senga's decidedly displeased. So now it's just wait and see to see if Datte and Sanapig will get along better with more space and whatnot.

My JE FQF gift fic got posted today! It's Hasshi/Tottsu and totally hot and hilarious, so go check that out. Hot Child in the City.

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