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Title: Date Night [Miyata/Nikaido, Senga/Yokoo]
Rating/Warnings: R for Nika getting some, and Senga not.
Summary: Nikaido is pushy, Senga is the girl always, Yokoo is old-fashioned, Miyata is easy, and Fujigaya is really pissed off that he didn't get invited.
AN: I think we all know who made me write this, and now that I have, she's in Hokkaido and is never going to leave me a proper comment. It's probably worth knowing that this fic comes after this Nika/Miyata and this Yokoo/Senga.

Date Night

"Taipi says the gyoza is re~ally tasty!" Senga coaxes while they're packing up their bags, and Nikaido gives in easily to his best friend, probably would have anyway even without the gyoza.

"When should we go?" he asks, making Senga cheer. "It's near the theater, right? Let's go after practice on Wednesday, then, since we'll be near already. It's just meetings that day so we won't be there so late."

"Sure, that'll be…" Senga pauses mid-nod, pursing his lips. "No good."

"What?" Nikaido looks up from his still half-packed bag. "Why not? Wednesday's definitely best."

"Wednesday's date night," Senga explains, rolling a shoulder towards where Yokoo is trading magazines and tea bottles and whatever else with Kitayama, trying to straighten out what belongs to who. His voice lilts on 'date' and Nikaido makes an impatient noise.

"So what? Can't you move it just the once? You see Watta all the time."

"Noooo, they have to be proper dates," Senga shakes his head, eyes serious. "Wednesday's our third one and Watta's totally old-fashioned, so…"

"So?" Nikaido prompts when Senga trails off meaningfully.

Senga huffs a sigh. "So he won't let me put out until we've had like a bunch of them or something."

It starts out as just snickers, but then Senga gives Nikaido such a fierce, ruffled glare, that Nikaido cracks up for real, only laughing harder when Senga tells him to shut his stupid face.

"Sounds like something good's going on over here," Miyata comments, strolling over with his own bag already over his shoulder. He eyes Nika's pile of stuff. "Ne, Nika-chan, you're slow."

"Listen, listen," Nikaido tells him, still chortling despite Senga's glare. "Kenpi's trying to seduce Watta, but Watta won't give in until they've had a million dates."

"It better not be a million!" Senga retorts, horrified, renewing Nikaido's laughter.

"Eh?" Miyata blinks at Senga's pout, then gives Nikaido a look of mild reproach. "Nothing wrong with treating a lady with respect."

"Che," Nikaido brushes off Miyata's words, Senga looking torn between pleased and protesting, "says the shameless bottom." He brushes a hand down Miyata's side, pleased at the way Miyata's eyes darken at just that. "They're totally doing it wrong."

"Mm, well," Miyata glances down at Nikaido's stuff with a raised eyebrow, "if you're trying to convince me to take you home…"

"That's it!" Senga claps his hands, making both of them look back at him in confusion. "Wednesday! Gyoza!"

"What?" Nikaido asks at the same time Miyata wonders whether they're playing retard word association or what.

"Double date!" Senga finishes, then turns to call Yokoo's name without waiting for a response from the two of them, obviously considering the problem solved. "Ne, ne, Watta, a double date still counts, right?"

"What do you think?" Nikaido asks Miyata, who just shrugs, easy-going as usual. When Senga turns back to them hopefully, Yokoo's approval given, Nikaido tells him it's fine. It's not really any different than them going out for food after any other practice.

The only difference is that afterwards, two of them will be getting some.


"This isn't someplace I need to look respectable, right?" Miyata asks as he tugs his T-shirt back over his jeans.

"Sho-senpai recommended it," Nikaido answers like that's all the explanation needed, and he's not wrong. If the Curiosity Team can eat someplace without getting kicked out, Miyata's T-shirt won't be a problem. "And you're fine anyway, since Tama-chan fixed your style."

Miyata doesn't reply, but Nikaido can read easily his pleasure at Nikaido's compliment, the slow once-over that Miyata gives Nikaido saying that he's more than fine as well, so far as Miyata's concerned.

"Nn," Nikaido clears his throat and turns away so they won't get distracted. "Kenpi, are you almost ready?"

"Yup!" Senga shows up, tugging Yokoo along by the hand and not showing any inclination to let go even when they're not in motion. "Let's go!"

"Where's everybody going?" Fujigaya asks, finally turning away from the mirror with Yokoo's flatiron still in his hand.

"To the place you told me about, from Sho-senpai," Senga answers. "See you tomorrow, Taipi!"

"Hey!" Fujigaya calls after them as the four of them head out in a cheerful knot. "Nobody asked me if I wanted to go!"

"They're on a double date," Tamamori explains, ducking in and around Fujigaya to see the mirror himself and clicking his tongue in annoyance as he resorts some of his bangs with his fingers. "It's Wednesday."

"Wednesday? What's…" Fujigaya stops his questions to take a better look at the rather form-fitting tank top Tamamori's just barely got on over his equally showy jeans. "What are you dressed up like that for?"

"We're going clubbing," Tamamori explains, straightening up. "Ne, Kitamitsu?"

"Ready~!" Kitayama drawls, and Fujigaya only catches a flash of red silk and sparkly earring before Kitayama is hooking an arm around Tamamori's waist and pulling him out the door as well. He flashes a last sultry look over his shoulder. "Don't wait up, Taipi."

"Hey!" Fujigaya protests. "Hey!"


"Aw, maybe we should have invited Taipi along," Senga says as he thumbs an apologetic response to Fujigaya's scathing mail.

"Not unless you wanted a sextuple-and-a-half date with A.B.C. and possibly Z," Yokoo comments, examining the menu.

"Ooh, sextuple!" Senga bats his eyelashes, and Yokoo tells him to shut up and order an appetizer.

"You two are gross," Nikaido says without any heat, pleasantly squished against Miyata in the small booth and finally old enough to order sake like an adult. "Ne, Miyacchi, order me gyoza."

"I thought I was the girl?" Miyata asks mildly.

"Only in bed," Nikaido explains breezily. "In public you're the senpai, so hurry up, please~. I'm starving."

"So unreasonable," Miyata complains, clearly not caring at all.

"Watta…" Senga starts.

"You're the girl everywhere," Yokoo cuts him off, flagging down the waiter.

The food is good, the gyoza just as crispy on the bottom as advertised, and the conversation is easy, so it doesn't take them long to while away a couple hours talking about concerts and the butai and TakiCHANnel.

"Shintarou's not even in a real group," Nikaido complains, and when Senga wonders out loud what kind of favor it takes to get your own billboard on the frontpage, Yokoo clears his throat with a comment about the time. "Have to get your girlfriend home before curfew?" Nikaido asks, then yelps when Senga kicks him under the table.

Yokoo and Miyata go to settle the bill, leaving Nikaido and Senga to drag themselves out of the booth, stretching and yawning from full stomachs.

"Going home with Miyacchi?" Senga asks with a trace of jealousy, and Nikaido ruffles his hair.

"He's coming home with me, actually," Nikaido shrugs. "What're you and Watta doing?"

"Probably ice cream," Senga says. "It's nice, but…" Senga blows his layers out of his face. "Maybe I'll take him shopping, make him buy me stuff until he realizes it's way cheaper to take me to bed."

"You are cheap," Nikaido says with affection, and just laughs when Senga punches him in the shoulder, before punching him back.

"Ready, ladies?" Yokoo asks, breaking up their scuffle by tugging Senga close against his side. "Idiot, don't give yourself bruises right before our shows."

"You aren't worried about my bruises?" Nikaido asks Miyata when he doesn't comment right away.

"Take me home and I might give you a few myself," Miyata answers, direct enough that Nikaido's mouth falls open a little. Senga laughs and Yokoo says that it's definitely time to go.

They say goodnight and split up outside the restaurant, Nikaido and Miyata with a long train ride ahead of them and Yokoo and Senga going trolling for dessert.

"They're cute," Miyata says when they're on the train, quick enough to grab seats and close enough that nobody's likely to hear over the noise of the train if they talk quietly. Nikaido raises an eyebrow. "You don't think so?"

"I think it's silly," Nikaido says bluntly. "They both want each other, so why hold back?"

"You get your way too much," Miyata clucks, as close to senpai words of wisdom as he ever gets. "Aren't things better when you have to wait for them a little? Like when your food's too hot to eat, but it smells so good?"

"I just burn my tongue," Nikaido answers, playing dense. "Are you saying it'd feel better if both of us went home to our own beds until we had a bunch more silly dates?"

"No, Nika-chan, I'm saying," Miyata uses Nikaido's bag across his lap as a cover to sneak under Nikaido's T-shirt and drag fingertips in a warm line over Nikaido's stomach, "that a little anticipation's good for you."

Nikaido hisses in surprise and stiffens against the seat, but before he can react, Miyata's hand is already back in his lap, looking as innocent as innocent can be.

"You're a terrible girlfriend," Nikaido grumbles, tugging his bag over more of his lap and willing his cheeks to cool.

"Not in public," Miyata reminds, grinning to himself as he lets his eyes fall shut and the rhythm of the train brushes their shoulders together.


Too full for ice cream, they compromise on bubble tea as an excuse to stay out longer and wander aimlessly, Senga window-shopping a little and Yokoo following without complaint.

"You'd look good in that," Yokoo comments on one of the displays Senga lingers in front of, and in the reflection of the glass, Senga catches Yokoo's eye.

"I'd look better out of it," he says. Yokoo laughs, low and quiet, and lets it show in his gaze that he knows exactly what Senga's doing. He lets a little of the want show through too, though, and Senga gives a little "hm" and strolls to the next window, satisfied.

Eventually they run out of tea and Yokoo suggests they should think about calling it a night since practice is bright and early tomorrow. Senga coaxes him into a couple hours of karaoke instead, on the grounds that they haven't been anywhere they can even hold hands yet.

"It's like a junior high date," Senga grumbles, tucking himself under Yokoo's arm as soon as they're in the booth and wriggling as close as he can.

"Who'd you date in junior high?" Yokoo asks, skeptical. Senga busies himself with the electronic song picker rather than answer.

They pick a handful of senpai songs and make it through about two of them before Senga sits up on his knees and pushes the mic out of the way so he can kiss Yokoo. Yokoo lets him have his way for a little while, opening his mouth under Senga's pressure and running his hands through Senga's curls until Senga's humming with pleasure. Eventually, though, Senga shifts like he's going to get in Yokoo's lap properly, and Yokoo pushes him back gently, far enough that they can see each other without going cross-eyed.

"Wattaaaaa," Senga whines, lips wet and eyes dark in the low light. "I want you. Isn't three dates plenty?"

"Almost," Yokoo promises, tightening his arms around Senga's waist and brushing their mouths together for another second. Then he pushes Senga back down firmly into his seat and drops the mic back into his hands. "You're the one who picked all this Arashi, sing some of it."

"Nika's probably getting laid right now," Senga sighs sadly, but he doesn't argue when Yokoo stretches out over the seat and drops his head in Senga's lap.

Senga's fingers find their way into Yokoo's hair during "Sakura Sake," and Yokoo murmurs his approval as he codes in a couple Tegomass duets at random and thinks about what they ought to do on their next date.


Nikaido is decidedly not getting laid at that particular moment, because Miyata will not stop making retarded smalltalk with his mother. He's standing in the kitchen with two bottles of tea condensating all over his hands, shifting from foot to foot and getting shushed by his mother every time he tells Miyata to just come on already.

His sister wanders into the kitchen for an apple and gives Nikaido a look of perfect understanding; Nikaido gives her a withering glare, but she just ruffles his hair and strolls out of the kitchen laughing.

And people wonder why Nikaido's stories about his family involve pro wrestling.

"Finally!" Nikaido says when his mother shoos them out so she can finish the dishes. "Honestly, who are you even here to see, me or her?"

"You aren't enjoying the anticipation?" Miyata asks, and that's when Nikaido catches on that Miyata's doing it on purpose, that dick.

"I am so about to own your ass," he growls, heat pooling in his stomach at the obvious shiver Miyata gives, "and so help me if you're not in my bed and naked in the next thirty seconds, I will do it right here on the stairs!"

It takes less than twenty once Miyata's properly motivated, the door locked and Nikaido's blankets thrown back so he can press Miyata down into the sheets, both of them muffling groans at the slide of hot, bare skin against skin. Miyata buries his hands in Nikaido's hair and murmurs stupid things while Nikaido mouths at the curve of Miyata's neck, their hips already flexing against each other.

"This some kind of race?" Miyata asks, and Nikaido bites down hard enough to make Miyata's breath catch before he pushes himself up to straddle Miyata properly.

"Don't you even start," he orders. Miyata opens his mouth to retort, but Nikaido wraps a hand about both of their cocks and squeezes, and Miyata's retort turns into a groan. "Doesn't feel very much to me like you want me to take it slow."

Nikaido knows he won't last the first time anyway, a problem of both endurance and patience, so he doesn't mind getting off this way; he's young, he doesn't need much recovery time. Miyata feels good against him, under him, looks every bit as good as Nikaido imagined that he would back when he was still just imagining it, all dark eyes and hard muscle as he arches up against Nikaido's weight, and sooner or later Nikaido'll probably admit that he wouldn't mind it if Miyata flipped them over and held him down with that same strength.

"Suck me off?" Miyata asks after a little while, long enough that Nikaido hesitates not because he doesn't want to, but because he's starting to get close himself and doesn't want to interrupt what he's doing. "I'll do you after, please, Nika?"

It's the "please" that wins Nikaido over, and the way Miyata gasps his name. Sliding down until he can settle between Miyata's legs, Nikaido licks at Miyata's tip and tastes salt, the tremble of Miyata under his hands telling him that Miyata's pretty close himself.

"Nika," Miyata sighs when Nikaido's mouth closes over him properly, and he reaches down to bury hands in Nikaido's hair, "Nika, please, Nika…"

Nikaido pulls back at the first pulse of Miyata's release, stroking him through the end of it as Miyata streaks his stomach white. He swallows what's in his mouth, though, with a little grimace at the bitterness, but thinks maybe next time he'll try for real. Certainly it'll be less of a mess, he thinks, eyeing his hand.

"Mmm," Miyata hums, reaching down for Nikaido even though his eyes are still closed. Nikaido can feel the aftershocks thrumming through Miyata as he crawls up Miyata's body, calling up answering shivers under Nikaido's skin as Miyata gathers him close for a hot, messy kiss.

Miyata's own powers of recovery are worth talking about, and it's only a minute later he pushes Nikaido onto his back and shifts to the end of the bed to keep his end of the bargain. But before he can even get comfortable, Nikaido makes his decision and grabs him by the shoulders to pull him back up.

"Hm?" Miyata pushes himself up enough to look down at Nikaido, bracing himself on those strong, muscled arms, and Nikaido thinks oh yeah, sure now. "Don't you want to…"

"In a minute," Nikaido says, putting hands on Miyata's hips to settle him more firmly against his own. "So I was thinking." He clears his throat, finding it awkward to say it out loud even though he knows exactly what he wants. "I was thinking. It'd be okay if you wanted to be the boyfriend sometimes."

"I don't mind it the way we've been doing," Miyata says, his infallible niceness making Nikaido want to strangle him a little at the present moment. "It's good, with Nika-chan."

"No, I mean," Nikaido struggles to swallow the burst of warmth that Miyata's plain statement makes rise in his chest, to concentrate despite Miyata's strong, warm, perfect weight pressing him into his mattress, "I mean I…want you to. I want…can you just…" Nikaido snarls in frustration. "Come on, you know what I'm asking, right?"

"Oh, like that." Miyata's eyes darken just that much more, a shiver rubbing his skin down against Nikaido and making Nikaido's breath catch. "Yeah, definitely. All you had to do was ask."

"Now you tell me," Nikaido groans, the heat washing through him making him wonder if he's even going to last long enough for Miyata to get started to fulfill his request. "Hang on, I'm, oh, really close."

"Go ahead," Miyata coaxes, dropping his head so that his breath is warm against Nikaido's ear. "I want to take my time with the next part, so…"

Not in a state to argue with that, Nikaido wraps his legs tight around Miyata's waist and his arms around Miyata's neck, clinging tightly as he rubs himself off against Miyata's stomach. He's close enough that that's all it takes, plus Miyata whispering in his ear what he's going to do to Nikaido next, and Nikaido spends himself in a rush that leaves him dizzy and shaking.

He's still gasping for air when Miyata seizes his mouth in a fierce kiss, and his lungs are burning for oxygen by the time he shoves at Miyata to give him a second, shivering and oversensitive.

"I guess…a little patience," Nikaido says between breaths, "might not be…so bad."

"Glad you feel that way," Miyata says, drawing a finger through the mess on Nikaido's stomach and bringing it to his mouth, eyes focused only on Nikaido as he shudders, "because I think we're going to have a little lesson about that next."


"You just shut up," Nikaido grumbles the next day when Senga's gloating over how Nikaido's just taken a sound verbal beating from the choreographer about his condition. "Once Watta finally does give in, you won't be any better."

"Maybe," Senga says cheerfully. "But then again I'm supposed to be the girlfriend all the time. Tell me again how Miyata's only the senpai in public?"

"Just shut your face," Nikaido says, glaring balefully across the room where Miyata is waxing rhapsodic about gyoza to an interested Kitayama and Tamamori while Fujigaya looks like he's about to do something untoward with the flatiron. Miyata catches Nikaido's eye and gives him a sharp smile that makes Nikaido tear his gaze away with a curse and call Senga a jackass for laughing.

Yokoo wanders by, whistling "A.Ra.Shi."

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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