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Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am

1. I am back from the beach!

2. my stomach is supremely displeased. I blame it on several days of rich beach food (fudge! boardwalk fries! fudge! crabcakes! fudge!) plus start of school anxiety. I have training tomorrow. DO NOT WANT.

3. the guinea pigs are also displeased, apparently. senga's cage was wet all over because apparently all she did was drink water and pee for the 3 days i was gone, and the boys have been fighting like crazy and are all cranky, i'm assuming because they were probably good and bored without the tv on or anything.

4. my brother's car, parked in front of my parents house while he's away at school, got totaled by some idiot girl who was driving down the road drunk at 4am and dropped her phone. she bent down to dig around on the floor for it and swerved into bro's car hard enough to drive it into and up over the curb. our neighbor said she was trying to back up and probably get away, but her wheel was too fucked up for her to escape. serves her right, as does the couple days of mandatory jail time she'll serve for the DWI. it sucks, but bro still has at least a year of school left so he doesn't need the car yet anyway, and we're hoping he'll get enough out of her insurance to make a decent down payment on a better car anyway once he's back.

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