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Sakuma Takes Being Leader Super Seriously

First day of school is tomorrow DDDDDDDDDDDDD: so anxious omg. stupid job. It's the same every year, and for those of you who've never been employed as a teacher of anything, and it doesn't matter if you've been doing it 35 years, nobody sleeps well the night before.

I'm distracting myself with Fringe season 1 and a sesame bagel. I need to make seating charts and junk, but I have zero desire to do so.

Mis Snow Man week on TakiCHANnel made me sadface, because I dislike dokkiri pranks intensely. I don't have much of an embarrassment squick, but I surely didn't want to see the Snowmen bawl their eyes out because they think their favorite senpai hates them on the morning of a concert. I hope they got lots of hugs and a super expensive dinner, and maybe in a couple weeks a TakiCHANnel video that actually helps me learn them. If you even get Nozawa to cry, you've gone too far.

But I do have a bunch of hilarious color-coded kisumai interview quote icons now.

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