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Someday Koichi and Shintarou Will Battle For the Company

omg so TIRED. everybody at school is dragging and we're all cranky because nobody's lunch time seems to be at a time when they actually want to eat yet, until we all re-adjust to our new schedules. Mine is super confusing! I have to walk around with a paper that tells me when I have to show up someplace.

also pms changed to just ms today. uuuuuuuugh. on top of the unreasonable exhaustion, I want a real coke so badly, but I'm trying not to drink any soda at all, even diet, because I think the soda has to do with why I can't stop being fat. symptom fail.

this has nothing to do with anything except body fail, but one of my toes is super bruised under the nail. It's the same one that took forever to grow out a bruise from last summer, and this time I am 100% sure I didn't drop something on my foot or anything like that. My mom read some thing about Cushing's Disease and has been on about my random bruises and fatness and stretch marks and insomnia and period-skipping for a couple weeks now, but I find it highly unlikely that I'd have some condition they could actually fix. It'll be just like when they kept testing my thyroid over and over in high school.

also i'd rather not have anything they have to cure with brain surgery, so I guess I'll just be fat and sleepy. IT'S A GOOD LIFE.

Here have something good instead: Koichi's 'Bad Desire' PV, which proves that the more girls you give a jyannis, the gayer they prove to be. esp if that jyannis is covered in leather and has collar with a leash on. (Rachel: "I want to see MA back for this" me: "Yara would last 10 seconds before he YANKED that leash. 'I know what to do with THAT.'")

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